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Custodial Services | SLCC

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To place a work order, please contact FIX IT at 801-957-3911 or

Custodial Office: 801-957-4969


Tyson Gregory
Director, Real Estate and Property Management
Office: Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 131
Phone: 801-957-5134

Misty Alford
Administrative Assistant
Office: Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 134

Custodial Services

SLCC's Custodial Department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining over 50 buildings every week - an estimated two million square feet.  Our department utilizes the Team Cleaning system, with its established standards for personnel functions.  Designated specialists clean restrooms, classrooms, offices and lobbies, and every cleanable square foot of space. We maintain floors, carpets and furniture.  Schedules in specific areas are flexible to accommodate moves, remodeling and other projects and events. If a department desires a re-evaluation of their space, please contact the Maintenance Manager.

We are aware of SLCC's need to become more sustainable, while we meet ever-changing budget challenges. Beginning in 2009, all full-time and part-time custodians were moved to a night shift, from 10:00 p.m. to 6:30 a.m., when buildings are unoccupied.  We appreciate everyone's support in helping us to continually progress toward a more sustainable work place .

Vacuuming, emptying trash and detail cleaning of all offices takes place once per week.  For those generating too much trash for a once-a-week pick-up, trash can stations will be placed close to such office areas. This will allow each user to empty and reline personal office trash cans.  If you require special services such as vacuuming, emptying out heavily loaded trash or spill clean-up, please contact FIX IT

Paper and plastic recycling and shredded document collection points are handled by the Recycling Department.  Report any bins that may be full or overflowing to FIX IT.

Facilities Event Set-up

The crew is also responsible for event set-ups and tear-downs such as athletic events, graduations, and many special events and activities SLCC hosts at all campuses.

Other Custodial Services

Snow - Custodial crews are responsible for snow and ice removal around entranceways and steps of buildings. The Grounds Department removes snow from all other essential areas, including sidewalks, parking lots. For snow and ice issues, please contact FIX IT at 801-957-3911.

Postings - All postings are to be confined to bulletin boards and/or authorized areas Items tacked or taped in unauthorized areas will be removed by our Custodians. Please see attached Official Posting Guidelines/Policies.

Supplemental Services - which are in addition to the established schedule may be provided to any department, if approved, upon request. However, there may be a time delay and/or an additional cost for such supplemental services.

Custodial Policies