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Welcome to SLCC, where we're turning our passion for energy efficiency into action. As enthusiastic members of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), we're shaping the future with energy-efficient technologies and sustainable practices across our campuses.

Making the Most of Energy: Recommissioning Our Campuses

Our journey starts with "Recommissioning" our campuses. In layman's terms, we're carefully examining our energy usage and implementing upgrades wherever possible. This process not only reduces our carbon footprint but also cuts down our electricity bills, allowing us to allocate more resources to our academic programs and student services.

Harnessing the Power of Innovation

At our Jordan Campus, we're especially proud of our two "Combined Heat and Power" (CHP) units. These machines cleverly utilize waste heat from electricity production to provide heating, marking a perfect marriage of efficiency and innovation.

Alongside this, we've installed a device called a Flat Plate Heat Exchanger. This system might sound complex, but it performs a simple and essential job—it helps cool down our buildings. It works by transferring heat between two fluids, allowing us to cool air or water without using a lot of energy. This method significantly reduces our need for more energy-intensive cooling systems, making it a truly sustainable solution.

Optimizing Natural Resources with Free Cooling

We're also leveraging the natural environment with a strategy known as "free cooling." This process utilizes the cold outdoor air to cool our buildings whenever possible, reducing the need for traditional, energy-consuming air conditioning systems. It's a smart and sustainable way of cooling our campuses, and it's being implemented across all our facilities.

Tapping into Solar Power

At SLCC, we're harnessing the abundant energy of the sun with solar arrays installed across our campuses. These systems generate clean, renewable energy, reducing our reliance on traditional energy sources. Our plans even include a solar canopy that will both generate power and provide shaded parking spaces

Driving Forward with Green Transportation

Our commitment to green practices extends to transportation, too. We've installed 17 EV charging stations across our campuses, promoting the use of electric vehicles and facilitating their charging for our community.

Monitoring Energy Consumption

We're keeping a close eye on our energy use with advanced software programs. These tools provide us with both real-time and historical data, helping us continually identify new ways to become even more energy efficient.

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

We're proud to participate in incentive programs like Rocky Mountain Power’s Wattsmart Business and Dominion Energy’s ThermWise Business, which reward our efforts in improving energy efficiency. The incentives we receive go straight back into funding future sustainability projects.

At SLCC, our passion for energy efficiency isn't just talk—it's embedded in our actions. Through our affiliation with AASHE and our ongoing energy-focused initiatives, we're dedicated to creating a sustainable, brighter future for all. Join us on this exciting, energy-efficient journey!

Contact Information

Brooke Nyhuis-Salzberg
Energy Manager
Taylorsville Redwood Campus, GFSB 105C
Energy Tech
Taylorsville-Redwood Campus, GFSB 127