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Salt Lake Community College has been recycling paper and cardboard since 1995, with improvements every year as funds and manpower have become available. During the fall of 2010 with the addition of one-time funding, SLCC started a large-scale, centralized recycling program.

In partnership with SLCC’s Environmental Club, Student Life and Leadership, and the Facilities Division, we’ve set a goal to capture large volumes of recyclable items produced at the college. We place great emphasis on recyclable items that can be separated or scrapped before being disposed of as waste. From offices, classrooms, and common areas we stress the importance of recycling clean paper and cardboard, as well as empty plastic and aluminum cans. Some of the items we at SLCC recycle include cardboard, paper products, newspapers, broken pallets, plastic, glass, used motor fluids, batteries, toner cartridges, electronic waste, steel, and much more. Recycling containers are currently located throughout SLCC campuses. Please use these containers, as marked, to keep the recycled items separate and the containers clean.

Please Recycle. It's Easy

Everyone can help reduce waste here at SLCC by recycling and recycling properly. We at SLCC want to do our part by keeping as much recyclable material out of the landfills as we can. Remember to sort recyclables into the proper category (paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum). Plastic bags, Styrofoam products, and paper and plastics with food contaminants are not recyclable on campus. Sorting and keeping waste out of the recycling bins will help maintain our successful recycling program on campus.

Contact Recycling

Contact Recycling at 801-957-4242 for help with your office clean-up, campus events, separating your recyclables, requesting a recycling container or if your department has any recycling questions or concerns.